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The Clear-Statement Chevron Canon, 66 DePaul L. Rev. 819 (2017)

My latest article, The Clear-Statement Chevron Canon, has been published in De Paul Law Review. Abstract As Chevron has fallen into disfavor with some, judges and scholars have begun searching for alternative formulations of administrative law’s favorite deference doctrine. Some judges have embraced Matthew Stephenson and Adrian Vermeule’s One-Step Chevron. But One-Step Chevron’s theoretical foundations lack practical […]

New on SSRN: Chevron’s Inevitability (with Kristin Hickman)

Professor Kristin Hickman  of the University of Minnesota Law School and I have posted our latest article, Chevron’s Inevitability, to SSRN.  Kristin presented this article at the 2016 ABA Administrative Law Conference.  The Article is forthcoming (very soon) in George Washington Law Review. Abstract For over thirty years, Chevron deference has been the target of criticism. Now, some […]

Minn. L. Rev. De Novo: DACA on the Docket

Minnesota Law Review‘s De Novo blog published a piece by me today entitled DACA on the Docket. The blog post explains the important role DACA serves in the administration of the U.S. immigration system. Namely, DACA helps relieve some of the stress endured by the immigration courts caused by an enormous case backlog. The blog post […]