Forthcoming and Working Papers

The Public Administration of Justice (Forthcoming Cardozo Law Review)

Presidential Investment in the Administrative State (w/ David Lewis) (Revise and Resubmit)
[Working Paper]

Bureaucratic Capacity in the Administrative Presidency (Under Review)

The Workforce Capacity of the United States Bureaucracy, 1998-2020 (Under Review)

Administrative Policymaking Amid Vacancies and Actings (w/ Chris Piper)
[Working Paper]

Administrative Law & Bureaucracy

Chevron‘s Latest Step
39 Yale Journal on Regulation: Notice & Comment (July 3, 2022)
[Yale J. on Reg.: Notice & Comment]

What To Do About Chevron – Nothing
72 Vanderbilt Law Review: En Banc 151 (2019)
[SSRN] | [Vand. L. Rev.]
*Invited Response to Barnett, Kent H.; Christina L. Boyd; and Christopher J. Walker. 2018. “Administrative Law’s Political Dynamics.” Vanderbilt Law Review 71: 1463.

Justifying Delay: Why Agencies Delay Compliance Dates and How They Do It
4 Journal of Regulatory Compliance 1 (2019)
[SSRN] | [J. of Regulatory Compliance]
*Symposium: What is the Role of a Regulation if it Is Not Enforced?

Chevron Critics and Clarity
27 The Public Lawyer 2 (Winter 2019)
*Invited Piece

The Winter of Discontent: A Circumscribed Chevron
45 Mitchell Hamline Law Review 395 (2019)
*Invited Piece

Coping with Chevron: Justice Gorsuch’s Majority and Justice Breyer’s Dissent in SAS Institute
36 Yale Journal on Regulation: Notice & Comment (Apr. 25, 2018)
[SSRN] | [Yale J. on Reg.: Notice & Comment]

Chevron‘s Inevitability
85 George Washington Law Review 1392 (2017) (w/ Kristin Hickman)
[SSRN] | [Geo. Wash. L. Rev]
*Reviewed in: Adrian Vermeule, Chevron as a Legal Framework  [JOTWELL]
*Presented at: 2016 ABA Administrative Law Conference [ABA]

The Clear-Statement Chevron Canon
66 DePaul Law Review 819 (2017)
[SSRN] | [DePaul L. Rev]

Deferring to the Rule of Law: A Comparative Look at United States Deference Doctrines
47 University of Memphis Law Rev. 1047 (2017) (w/ Barbara Marchevsky)
[SSRN] | [U. Memphis L. Rev.]
*Symposium: The Fragile Fortress: Judicial Independence in the 21st Century

Defying Auer Deference
99 Minnesota Law Review: De Novo (June 24, 2015)
[SSRN] | [Minn. L. Rev. De Novo]

Immigration Law

Asylum’s Interpretative Impasse: Interpreting “Persecution” and “Particular Social Group” Using International Human Rights Law
26 Minnesota Journal of International Law 145 (2017) (w/ Margaret Penland)
[SSRN] | [Minn. J. of Int’l L.]

DACA on the Docket
100 Minnesota Law Review: De Novo (Jan. 19, 2017)
[SSRN] | [Minn. L. Rev. De Novo]

Social Group Semantics: The Evidentiary Requirements of “Particularity” and “Social Distinction” in Pro Se Asylum Adjudications
100 Minnesota Law Rev. 355 (2015)
[SSRN] | [Minn. L. Rev.]
*Award: Volume 35/36 Note and Comment Award

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